What Are The Different Types Of Active Components?

There are several types of active components. However, there are only two that are part of the basic building blocks for power circuits. These two active components are diodes and transistors. Although the thyristors were once considered to be the component of choice in the electronic industry, they are still a major player in the specialized sectors. These sectors include utility substations and high power applications.

What Are Diodes?

One of the most distinguishing features of diodes is that the currents conduct only in one direction, and that direction is forward. This occurs when the voltage is positive in the anode. As a result, the voltage is blocked from going in the reverse direction.

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For a diode to be an ideal conductor, it would have currents going in the forward, and an insulator going in the opposite direction.

High frequency diodes are often used when switching applications and resonant applications. With these applications, the characteristics of forward and recovery are a lot more important than the drop in forward voltage.

Rectifier diodes are generally used as a conversion from line voltage to DC voltage. These diodes also operate at a smaller multitude of line frequency. Recovery characteristics are not very important with this type of diode except when used as an influence for input filter and input EMI.

What Are Power Transistors?

The most distinguishing feature with this type of active component is the control terminal. This terminal alters the state of the device from causing a block to a conductor and the reverse. A diode always conducts when the positive is shown for the anode. On the other hand, a transistor will only conduct if the control terminal is one sided for conduction.

Similar to a diode, a transistor has small drop in voltage when during conduction.

These are two of the most common active components. They are considered part of the main building blocks for power circuits. If you are in search of different kinds of electronic parts and components for your projects visit http://www.directics.com | electronic components list.