Reviews of the Eddy Water Descaler – A Water Softener Alternative

People who have bought the Eddy Water Descaler find that it is the perfect alternative to a water softener. It installs easily so no special tools are needed and it can be used around plastic or metal piping. Many people have found the item perfect for keeping their plumbing from getting corroded by limescale which makes it an essential product for those who live in hard-water areas.

Be Careful While Buying

Be careful about buying the product and assuming it removes minerals like magnesium and iron from hard water. It does not do this. It is not an actual water softener. It is a lime descaler.

eddy water descaler

Protect Your Plumbing System

It keeps limescale from attaching to pipes and fixtures thereby preserving your home or business’s plumbing. It takes several weeks to work which is to say that you will need to be patient. It takes weeks before you will notice a difference in limescale forming around pipes, toilets, tiles, and sinks.

Do not buy it thinking that the Eddy Water Descaler will help your soap lather up better with your hard water. It does not take minerals from the water. It only keeps them from attaching to pipes and fixtures. By doing this, the product allows these minerals to go down the drain. This is how this indispensible product protects plumbing systems thus eliminating plumbing and similar home repairs.


As long as you understand what the product is for you will be happy with its performance. It is available online for under $200. The electronic descaler reviews come out in the form of 5-stars from most all users because it does what the manufacturer says it does and more.

Remember that this is not an actual water softener. If you want a product that softens your water, then you want something other than the Eddy Water Descaler. If you want to keep limescale out of your plumbing, this is the ultimmate product.