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It seems as if everywhere you look a tax advisor, usually some out of state, faceless firm, is assuring “cents-on-the-dollar” tax resolutions and “ results that are guaranteed . Look carefully… does your tax advisor employ enrolled agent, CPA, a licensed attorney and former IRS Appeals Officers? Is it true that the firm generally manage tax problem-resolution law full-time or is it a sideline for them? Do you meet with an authorized tax lawyer, or just a salesperson earning a commission?

You have a right to understand! And you’ve got a right to rest easy with our tax law professionals by your side.

Tax attorney ohio

EFFECT: Growing Debt, Strain & Uncertainty.

You most likely owe a lot of money to the IRS if you’re reading this. Or perhaps you haven’t filed all your tax returns. Or maybe you’re under audit. Perhaps you’re scared you may lose your occupation. Or your union and all you’ve worked for. And you’re bombarded by radio and TV commercials, and maybe letters sent to your residence, all promising you “pennies-on-the-dollar” resolutions that seem too good to be true and likely are. You don’t know what to do or where to turn. Right? Well, whichever tax problem is keeping you awake at night, hiring tax professionals will provide you with the right solutions and assist you to sleep better during the night.


OPTION: Let Dean Edward Hines lay out the correct Game Plan for You!

What’s a “Game Plan”? Elect which one to put into play, then the Game Plan is designed to assist you crystalize your ideas with an experienced tax expert at your side, learn ALL your options. You’ll learn whether an OIC (settlement) is realistic, or whether bankruptcy is a better option. Or, maybe the statute of limitations is going to expire and the best guidance is to “do nothing!” Who knows? You’ll know after acquiring a Game Plan consultation before jumping into someone “one-size-fits-all option that is ”.

Unlike our competitors, we’re not only local to you, but we can supply you with ALL available choices, whether it be a settlement, an audit, an appeal of an audit gone awful, unpaid payroll taxes, and through our lawyers (working through their own, independent law firms) insolvency relief and criminal representation. ? You can’t defeat the team at tax attorney columbus ohio.

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